Teens and Young Adults

It's tough being a teenager. Especially in a society where they are relentlessly being told that that they are not enough. It can be heartbreaking as a parent to agonize over your teen's behavior, wondering what happened to your teen that used to be a "happy child." The challenges that they face can sometimes bring conflict into the home. They are dealing with the challenges of being a teenager while also beginning the process of exploring their identity and seeking independence. As a parent, it is important to find out if your teen's behaviors are normal or if they are more of a serious concern. I provide a safe space for your teen to process difficult emotions, learn to cope with them, heal, and develop skills for how to communicate with loved ones.

Young adulthood can be terrifying. You may be still trying to figure out who you are while also entering life transitional stages such as going to college, moving out of the family home, beginning a new career, and entering or leaving long-term relationships. More times than none, our early childhood experiences have a lasting effect even into our adulthood. It is common for young adults to begin processing trauma that occurred in our childhood, and this can sometimes spill into our daily lives and relationships. It can appear as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or even sexual problems. I offer a safe space for you to heal from your pain, grow from it, and become empowered.

College Students


Healthy families can provide a space where all feel loved, valued, and supported. But sometimes, even the healthiest of families can experience challenges. I provide a an environment for your family to navigate through the difficulties that life may bring while also honoring each person's experience within.

Happy Family


Today, millions of women in America struggle with mental-health. Many of the issues women face are on a wide spectrum while others are specific to the female experience. We are expected to wear many different hats as a mother, a partner, a daughter, and other roles that life brings us while oftentimes neglecting the relationship that we have with ourselves. When we neglect the relationship that we have with ourselves, oftentimes we may experience depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. I provide a safe space for your to nourish the relationship that you have with yourself, while also healing from your pain, and becoming empowered.

Multicultural Women

Professionals and Entrepreneurs

In today's highly competitive work environment, it is common that individuals may experience professional burnout, imposter syndrome, struggles with office relationships, and workplace stressors such as meeting metrics, difficult supervisors, and work life balance. Professionals may tend to equate their self-worth with productivity, resulting in feelings of failure, incompetence, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem even if such demands are unrealistic and unachievable. Such toxic workplace environments can lead to constant fears of losing one's livelihood. 

Covid-19 has changed professional lives almost overnight. Professionals who are forced to work from home are now expected to continue doing their jobs while also become homeschool teachers with limited resources available to them. It has also added anxiety over job security in this changed economy. 

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are uniquely impacted by this pandemic. Most are experiencing feelings of anger, anxiety, and depression over government shutdowns and a struggling economy while trying to stay afloat. 


 I will partner with my clients as they process their feelings, explore different coping strategies, effective communication skills, setting realistic goals, create a healthy work life balance, and create self-care routines all while helping them realize their true self-worth. Your career does not define you.

Working from Home